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Why our Dealer think POFLink could be 10GB|40G Expert?POFLink is a global market leader in Fiber Optical Communication equipments.Pluggable 10GB fiber optic Communication Products,40G QSFP|10GB SFP+|DWDM SFP+|BIDI SFP+|CWDM SFP+|XFP|BIDI XFP|DWDM XFP|CWDM XFP with Super Quality
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British Telecom announced the new phase 2.5 billion pound fiber deployment plan 2213 [2013-05-14]
Join Vodafone, Orange joint venture of 1 billion euros into Spanish FTTH market 2184 [2013-05-14]
SFR will vote for 1.6 billion euros to improve ITE and optical networking 2177 [2013-05-14]
The EU's top telecommunications company intends to create a pan - European infrastructure networks. 2198 [2013-05-14]
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