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High Density 10G Metro Optical Transport for Data Center Interconnect

Today's Challenge

The growing use of streaming videos for services like YouTube, Facebook and Netflix combined with the increased demand in cloud services by business users causes an ever-increasing bandwidth demand on the network today. Data center connectivity supports these services and requires high bandwidth, low latency, reliability and survivability. Reducing operational costs drives the need for small form factors and low energy consumption with data center colocation companies, internet exchange centers, web service companies, cloud and content providers, and large enterprise data centers.

Solution Overview

The Fiber Driver® High Density 10Gigabit Metro Optical Transport solution lowers the cost of rack space, power, and cooling by packing up to 80 channels of 10G transport in only 11RU of rack space. You will be able to address your critical space and power needs better without sacrificing functionality. With up to 75% in space savings and 50-90% in power saving, this solution gives you better network scalability, increase manageability, and realize costs savings while deploying or growing your data center networks.



  • Uses 50-75% less space; reducing real estate costs.
  • Uses less than 0.75 Watts per gigabit of bandwidth; consuming 50-90% less power
  • Replace up to 20 existing modules; simplifying inventory management
  • Increase flexibility; addressing any protocol including Ethernet, SONET/SDH, Fibre Channel, or Infiniband – in one unit that provides full management access.
  • Pay as you grow architecture; to conserve capital costs.

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